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The Power of Suggestion

13:05. It's been hours, but I'm still disturbed by what happened while I was walking to work.

I never pay attention to people that greet me while I'm on the street. By "people" I mean "men", because they are the ones who make it difficult for me to be out in public. So they might say "sawubona, mana", but I ignore it. Even if they said it in passing, to me it's just one more thing that's distracting me from getting to where I want to go. (Also, who is your "mama"?)

Last week, a taxi conductor shouted after me about how he feels cold at night at the hostel. I was disgusted, but I kept walking. It was just another example of how I always have to hear men saying whatever they want about me, my body, and their "needs" when I'm just trying to mind my business. It's part of life.

But this morning's incident was slightly different. As I was walking, a man who was driving past made a gesture at me with his middl…

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